B. Edan McDevitt


The Plunge

In 2018 I had the opportunity to work with groom-focused wedding site The Plunge to create some customized assets for their articles as well as to develop a visual identity for their "Plunge Proposals" site column.

Article Photos

Stock photo of a woman lying down with abstract lines added in

Stock photo of a man lying down with abstract lines added in

Stock photo of a man and a woman with abstract, contrasting circles and squares

Customizing stock photos as article headers was a key aspect of developing The Plunge's identity online as well as helping to deepen the emotional connection between the reader and author. We found that by adding more abstract and expressive visual elements into these photos, articles stood out and communicated more effectively at a glance, an important value for attracting readers through social media.

The images above were used in a series of articles tackling the stigma of differences in libido in a long-term relationship.

Plunge Proposals

Still Image version of Plunge Proposals Banner. Outlined "The Plunge" logo with "Proposals" written in 3D Mylar Balloons

Plunge Proposals is a section of The Plunge's site focused on user-submitted proposal stories. The hope for Plunge Proposals was to serve as a one-stop-shop for unique proposal ideas and to give inspiration to prospective grooms.

Developing the identity of Plunge Proposals began with an evaluation of the semantic values of proposals we wanted to highlight; in particular we were focused on the tension between sincerity, intimacy and theatrics that goes into a unique and successful proposal. We moved away from a focus on rings and the traditional kneel, and towards imagery surrounding stagelights and mylar balloons in order to bring a greater focus to the theatrical element.

Earlier iterations of the Plunge Proposals logo/banner

Eventually, after settling on the mylar balloon concept, I made several iterations of 3D typography (one of my favorite things to design) using Cinema 4D's cloth dynamics. We settled on the highly readable straight layout with monochromatic colors, but I still have a fondness for the pastel environment and staggered layout of the earlier style. I completed the project with the slow, looping animation of the letters gently waving in the breeze seen at the top of the page.

See Plunge Proposals here.